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The annual membership fee is 48 € and the card expires on 31 December of the year of registration.

The registration is personal with one share only, regardless of the number of 500s owned.
(you can choose among these payment methods: italian postal bullettin, bank transfer or Paypal/credit card).
If you do not own an historic 500 (produced from 1957 to 1977), you can still become a Club member and take advantage of all the card's benefits. Do not fill in the car data.

(si vous voulez télécharger le formulaire d'inscription en français, cliquez ICI pdf)

(if you want to send us your registration form in english, please, click HERE pdf)


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Data to access our website

Historic Fiat 500 model in your possession

Data relating to a single car (or more cars, if the Club member owns more than one Fiat 500): only Fiat Nuova 500 produced from 1957 to 1975 (and derivatives) and Fiat Nuova 500 Giardiniera produced from 1960 to 1977.