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At the headquarters of the Fiat 500 Club Italia Via Roma 90 in Garlenda (SV), Sunday, December 4, 2011 was held the general meeting of the members of the association.

Like every year, in December, the Fiat 500 Club Italy organizes the general assembly of the members of the association. Sunday morning the important meeting was held at the Multimedia Museum of 500 "Dante Giacosa" of Garlenda (SV). There were over 300 members and trustees received for the event from all over Italy. The meeting, which had on the agenda the examination of the current state of the association and the analysis of the budget, was an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of views ahead of the growth of the Club through all activities scheduled for the year ahead.
Following the assembly they were held elections of the Executive Council, the Appeals Board and the Auditors. Both the assembly and the elections were held in a calm atmosphere, to the satisfaction of the participants.
The poll gave the following results

Board of management:

  • Stelio Yannoulis (President)
  • Alessandro Scarpa (Vice President)
  • Danilo Cosci (Secretary)
  • Lorenzo Ingrassia (Vice Secretary)
  • Luigi Rigolli
  • Domenico Facchini
  • Maurizio Gherardi
  • Giuseppe Pellegrino
  • Piero Rubeo

Members of law of the Board of management:

  • Domenico Romano (Founding Chairman)
  • Presidenti Onorari: Franco Cerva, Silvia Depaoli, Marino Ribet
  • Presidente ProLoco di Garlenda Francesco Cappato


  • Mauro Paire
  • Giuseppino Cabona
  • Alessandro Marinangeli
  • Francesco D’Albero
  • Romeo Massimiliano Testa


  • Francesco Cappato
  • Carlo Giuliani
  • Giancarlo Tassistro
  • Eugenio Navone

At noon there was the ceremony of delivery of the 500 UNICEF to Anna Lippi. The cinquino, created thanks to an initiative of members of the Forum, has been carried forward by Domenico Intini, owner of the workshop "Velox" from Noci (BA). All this has been possible thanks to the contribution of the many partners who have joined the "A Cinquino for UNICEF" and sponsorship of the Montecarlo Bernasconi Jewels. The keys were handed over in the presence of the management of the club, the president of the Regional Committee of UNICEF Liguria, Giacomo Guerrera, and the chairman of the provincial committee of Imperia, Colomba Tirari. The audience applauded enthusiastically to the delivery of the blue Cinquino that will be spokesperson in the streets of Italy of the important message of solidarity to protect children from all over the world.
The day ended with the traditional lunch held at the Hotel Hermitage in Villanova d'Albenga, pleasant occasion for the exchange of greetings for the upcoming holidays, and especially to strengthen the union between members from all over Italy.

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