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Book "500 modellini di 500"

Book "500 modellini di 500" by Lorenzo Achilli, Antonio Erario and Claudio Mattioli

Price: €48.00

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Shipments will start on July 4, 2022


"500 models of 500" 500 Club Italia editions.

The new book, with texts in Italian and English, which collects almost 3000 models, put together by the authors Lorenzo Achilli, Antonio Erario and Claudio Mattioli, three great collectors of 500 models. volume of 400 pages where you will find many curiosities about the magical world of 500 in miniature.

Widespread models or unique pieces, vintage toys, remote controls or micro-models of a few millimeters, or made with the most disparate materials, from cork to papier-mâché, passing from lava stone to leather to bamboo canes ... In short, nothing is missing. !! Almost. You will be able to satisfy your curiosity, learn about the history of the manufacturers, the anecdotes, the stories and the accurate cataloging of the 500 models.

"500 models of 500" is dedicated to those who carry the 500 in their hearts or hide a miniature in their pocket ... after all we are all eternal children!