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Going to the roots of collecting
How originates passion

by Mara Depini e Lorenzo Achilli

Each one of us probably happened to keep in his hands an object, whatever it is, involving all five senses, so such a unique and exclusive, to stimulate the desire to continue to hold it in your hands, to watch its forms , to smell its scent, to listen to its noise (if it has one) and, depending on the material in which it is made, also to taste it. Special links are forged, often from an early age, with things and objects which then remain stuck to us, fellow travelers, adventures, dreams, desires.

We speak of passion, one that governs our lives, one that fortunately there is.
The passion that leads us to desire the object in question, to undertake journeys, both physical and mental, to be able to acquire one more, because different but always the same.
There is something strange in this condition. It's called 'collecting' and is not a disease. It's just a very great passionate, engaging and all-encompassing, that overwhelms and that creates, among other things, culture.

Because the collector gradually acquires all the knowledge of the object of his desires. He/she has specific and targeted knowledge, goes in search of even the smallest news, peculiarity, curiosity, like a small great detective, and sets up an archive, to complete knowledge on the object of his desire. Collecting becomes a way of life.
Adrenaline-pumping activities, endless, because the collection that is taken is as complete as possible in every sense.
Houses destined to become small museums, inside which is placed any type of objects.
Man, aware of how then the passion has the need to be nurtured, developed a number of commercial activities aimed at fulfilling this desire.
Thus it was "invented" in time, modeling, one of the many branches of collecting.

What is modeling?
The scale model of "models" of everything from cars to trains, from heavy trucks to bulldozers, from planes to helicopters, in short, everything that can be reduced in scale.
And if this can be a cold explanation of what basically is a passion, it is more difficult to determine what "passion" is. How's it originated? What triggers it? Is it due to something atavistic? Psychological as dominant on our ego?

Perhaps, indeed, probably none of this.
It is feeling, affection, desire, sharing.

And if all this is already meaningful to the 500, the real one, the one in real scale, the one you drive, which leads us around the world, the one for the 500 models at times verges on "madness".
In past years it was difficult to find 500 models for sale. Mostly they were toy models specifically for kids, but quite faithful to the original. But then incremented in subsequent years, when demand began to be urgent, no more for a children-oriented market.
It has thus begun a production of a whole range of models, in various scales, from the smallest to largest, to meet a demand for increasingly powerful market.
Many manufacturers, both foreign and Italian, have given birth to several series, much appreciated by collectors themselves.

Over time, producing 500 scale model has become a real business, because the demand is increasing every day.
And so the desire to give an "order" to everything's produced as years go by, and that's how we thought of a section that will satisfy the curiosity of many collectors, without claiming to be an encyclopedia of the phenomenon as such.

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