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Many photos to tell a Italy united by 500s
Still a competition for the fourth exhibition of the "Dante Giacosa"; historic 500s portrayed in typical views of the country: in front of monuments or landscapes, in the alleys of romantic villages and most famous squares.

In race approximately 200 images with the intent to show our beautiful Italy through the eyes (and lenses!) of 500 Fans, putting again the legendary 500 in the spotlight. And in the year when we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. There were shots really original, artistic and nice. On display are 54 photos, selected after an arduous work of the jury. The competition was open to all club members and non-members. These were the prizes awarded.
For the category members of the Fiat 500 Club Italy:
• 1st place Fabio Sciutto from Acqui Terme (AL) with “La 500 alla Bollente”
• 2nd place Cinzia Altese from Trapani with “Maria Stella Mill”
• 3rd place Maurizio Lauciello from Genova with “500 and not only”
Sympathy Award: Nensi Trevaini from Entratico (BG) with “Iseo Lake and Montisola”.
For the non-member category:
• 1st place Daniel Di Gallo from Seattle (USA) with “Medieval princess
• 2nd place Massimo Carolla from Grosseto with “Only the walls are not gone beyond”
• 3rd place Fabio Boco from Civitella d'Agliano (VT) with “Civitella d'Agliano and 500 L landscape”
• Sympathy Award: Gianni Ottonello from Genova for “Agrigento 500 model”.
Province of Savona Prize  (for a shot representative of the province): Cristiano Danello from Spotorno (SV) for “Panoramic View
• VilrtualCar Prize: Ivan Calzavara for “Cinquino for every season, autumn”
Audience Award: Anna Maria Nicoletti for "Corso Vannucci".
Other finalists: Salvatore Altese, Vincenza Amorese, Giovanni Amendolagine,  Sergio Boggione, Gianfranco Cagnazzi, Giuseppe Calà, Potito Casparrini, Giuseppe Catania, Antonio Centanni, Adriano Cerretani, Duilio Butti, Antonio Di Bianca, Mascia Gurioli, Alessandro Intini, Christian Licciardi, Roberto Lioy, Eugenio Luti, Matteo Marianeschi, Biagio Miceli, Alessandro Orlandini, Walter Piantoni, Rossella Romani, Alessandro Sartori, Daniela Silvestri, Simone Tortini, Francesco Uliano, Roberta Usan, Tiziano Viscusi.

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