From September 1st, those who register for the first time in the Fiat 500 Club Italia will be able to take advantage of a special offer:

with the cost of the annual registration fee (€ 48.00) you are registered until 31 December 2021! (you will immediately receive the 2020 card and gadgets and, between December and January, also the 2021 card and gadgets)

The advantages of being registered with the Club are many:
- the Fiat 500 Club Italia card
- the subscription to the bimonthly social magazine "4PiccoleRuote" (64 pages entirely in color)
- discounted insurance
- the annual gadgets and stickers of the Club
- the numerous conventions reserved for Members
- discounts on items from the 500 SHOP and special conditions in Club events
- access the reserved contents of our website

To register immediately for the Fiat 500 Club Italia, you can access this page with a click.

If you live abroad, the sending of the social magazine "4PiccoleRuote" to your home in paper format is subject to a supplement of € 32.00, due to the high costs of sending mail abroad. In any case, you can read the social magazine on this site, in .pdf format, by logging in as a user-member.

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Photo courtesy Martina Bisaz (@kitkat_ch IG)