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Telling the legend thanks to a mix of passion and technology: this is the assumption on which it is based the Multimedia Museum of the 500 "Dante Giacosa" - Documentation Centre for road safety education.
Inaugurated on July 6, 2007 as part of the XXIV International Meeting of Fiat 500, the structure - hosted at the headquarters of the Club in Garlenda - has already garnered the enthusiastic acclaim of thousands of Italian and foreign people, who have visited it during the event.

The Museum will appeal to fans of the great little car and in general to those interested in motor sports history, but it is usable by a wider and heterogeneous audience, eager to learn a slice of Italian history that, thanks to the 500, finally began on four wheels and traveled towards modernity.

In this respect, the museum is particularly interesting for schools of all levels, for college students engaged in theses and dissertations, for journalists and researchers.

For these categories, available for consultation also a library/newspaper-library.
At the entrance, the visitor is greeted by a number of panels dedicated to Dante Giacosa, the designer of the 500, and a colorful and crowded bulletin board full of trophies and souvenirs that bear witness to the activities of the Fiat 500 Club Italia from its origins to today.
Fiat 500 Club Italia   1Through a kind of "magic curtain" on which is projected a funny movie, you enter the exhibition space itself, which includes: the reconstruction of an old workshop; a series of showcases containing models, components and accessories; two locations where you can select and view (thanks to a simple touch-screen menu) tracks of documentaries, interviews, chronicles of events, commercials ...; two driving simulators that allow you to feel truly at the wheel of a 500 (because you sit within two authentic half-cars); a corner with an old style bar (which also includes space for shopping); a small but fully equipped conference room with three screens. While not a classic "garage-museum", there are some specimens on display: it's perfectly functional cars, made available by the shareholders; each car remains on site a few months, depending on the availability of the owner and / or the needs of the museum itself.

The Museum was designed by Roberto Barbera and Silvano Gagliolo; to follow the work was Alberto Calzavara, joined during the assembly by Ugo Elio Giacobbe enthusiast car museums. Giacobbe was then appointed Curator and in its activities is assisted by its vice Alessandro Vinotti, who's trustee of Albenga (SV) and fond of Fiat 500 and historical engineering.

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