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Construction and establishment of the "Historical Register of the Fiat Nuova 500 model" took place on April 19th, 2005, the same day of the ascent to the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI! The registry aims to: survey the "new" 500 still circulating and, advise, to those who want it, the proper restoration of the car depending on the type and year of construction, so as to present it to the A.S.I. Certification.

I ask you to carefully read the Regulations of the Register. Participation in the Register is free and voluntary, but I hope that the requests are numerous, given the important purpose of this Club's organ has set and why not, for their efforts, for its constitution, by people who have worked and will work on it. It will be accepted without distinction all cars, those which retain the original configuration, those that have been "personalized", and those that are waiting for the partial or total recovery.

Requests will focus on a "Declaration of Originality" or, more fully, the "Registry Plate" that will replace that of belonging to the club, until now in use.

Declaration of originality

The “Declaration of Originality” is a document that is prepared specifically for the car under exam, containing the considerations on the state of the car itself.

Registry Plate

The "Registry Plate" has a shape that echoes the central frieze of the model D / F, and is engraved with the model, the type of car, year of manufacture and the serial number registry. It is released together with the "Certificate of Registration". These our evaluations will not replace the "Certificate of Historical Importance" ASI, which remains official documents recognized by the State and by the historical Italian motor sports.
You will have to fill out a questionnaire, attaching photos of various shots of the car.
We want to involve you all, appointing you 'spotters' of Fiat 500: sending photos, date and place of the discovery of the abandoned carcasses of 500, with the most possible detail to make sure to categorize these. A group of people, with strong knowledge on the subject, will be part of the Register and will be called Technicians of the Register.

Each will have specific duties, will consider the material received and will classify for the next step.
I wish you take particular attention to the circular accompanying documentation for your requests. In this way you avoid the unnecessary "fantasies research" of the data or documents omitted. We are a group of enthusiasts who cuts quite a few hours to their work, to their distractions and especially for his family to pursue a passion now ingrained in us.

We are on deck, ready to move”:
now it's up to You!

The Registrar
Enrico Bo

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